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Email Marketing : Storytelling For Profits

I love to listen to stories, don’t you – I especially love to listen to stories of people who have achieved success in life and business. I get inspired when I read of how the trial and tribulations that individuals face have been overcome – A real zero to hero story always get me right in the throat. In coaching I often use metaphors to move my client from a place of limitation to a place of opportunity. Seeing them experience breakthroughs as a result of identifying with the hero’s journey in any good story is a tremendous reward and almost payment in its own way. Now what do metaphors and story telling have to do with this post. Well, basically everything. This week I decided to take on a small 6 day challenge that Daegan Smith – “Internet marketer of note” put out. This challenge is currently underway and is to send out one email, so a daily email broadcast, using a life story with a message to my current list. (I am testing bulk email marketing at the moment and am really excited to see what the outcome of this exercise will be.) Now, firstly I don’t have a huge list, as a matter of fact I have a teeny weeny list that I only started to build a month or 3 ago.  Still I decided to go ahead with this challenge more so to determine whether I could write a personal email a day and also to test whether I could actually write an email using a story from my life and add a special meaning or message or call it a learning if you like, too it. So why is story telling so important. People do not like to be sold to. Even though they might be out looking for something to purchase most people do not want to feel pressured into having to purchase something. This is where story telling is so powerful. Story telling in email marketing relies on you connecting on an emotional level with your prospect. In doing so your prospect gets a feel for the real you. No pretense, No fake made up persona, just you and strangely the prospects seems to see right through the email and sense whether there is a genuineness there or not and whether you just see $$$ on their foreheads and are out for a quick buck or whether you really want to build a relationship with them (and yes, ultimately sell to them when the time is right after all we are in business to make money.) So how can you use story telling when writing articles, blogging or in email marketing. Story telling is an art and captures the hearts and minds of your prospects. Story telling can be delivered successfully using 3 parts

Email Marketing Story telling tip #1 : Adapt your story to your audience

  • Make sure you understand who your target market is – Are you marketing to women, men, both, children, stay at home moms etc..
  • Take the story as close to them as you can.
  • Keep it brief and simple- especially for younger children – pare down to the heart of the story.
  • Stimulate their senses so they feel, smell, touch and listen and see vivid pictures.
  • Describe the characters and settings, and help them sympathize with the character's feelings.

Email Marketing Story telling tip #2: Prepare the story that you want to deliver –

  • Read the story several times, first for pleasure, then with concentration.
  • Analyze its appeal, the word pictures you want your listeners to see, and the mood you wish to create.
  • Visualize it! Imagine sounds, tastes, scents, colors. Only when you see the story vividly yourself can you make your audience see it!

Email Marketing Stort telling  tip #3 : Deliverability

Deliver your message with;

  • Sincerity and whole heartedness (Be earnest!),
  • Enthusiasm

Not only can story telling be used in the written format but it can also be used when delivering a presentation. Interacting with your clients or prospects on a level that connects their hearts to you is a great way in which to build rapport, loyalty, and also to grow your business. Back to my tale of writing emails, the response to my story from my teeny weeny list has been surprising and I am excited about sending out my day 3 email. No other marketer in the group has any idea as to what Daegan Smith from Max Leverage has up his sleeve and all will be revealed in his next training upon completion of this exercise, where we will dissect and uncover the tricks and treats of email marketing.

I stand in wonderment at his ability to recruit without calling a single lead and think I might be getting a feel for how he does it.. using his Bulk emailing marketing strategy

To great story telling     Brenda Tsiaousis USA : +1 315 636 0372 Australia : +1 405 348 932 Skype : nick.tsiaousis Email :   PS : Discover the unique marketing techniques that Daegan Smith uses in his business, by becoming part of his inner circle – Click Here to Join Max Leverage.

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19 Responses to Email Marketing : Storytelling For Profits

  1. Hi Brenda

    Love your new blog Brenda, very refreshing!

    Very well written Post ! and great list of tips you’ve got there! I think I have to start on my email marketing. Thanks for the reminder Brenda!

    all the best

  2. Hey Brenda

    Great Post!

    Listen, Speak, Engage. That’s pretty much the long and short of reching your audience.

    I better start on my email marketing. thanks for the reminder Brenda

    all the best

  3. Hey Brenda,
    You have given us some really good E-Mail marketing strategies there which is relevant for all network marketers and business people. Thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks Elizabeth, for those who are still a little afraid of picking up the phone to talk to prospect, email marketing is a great way to engage and build rapport.

  4. Hi Brenda,

    The more people I listen too the more I hear that story telling is such a powerful way to get people to listen to you. People love hearing stories about other people. Thanks for sharing those 3 tips.

    Tristram Lodge

    • He sure has Susan.. and only recently got to hear his story. I Love that he has such a fear of mediocrity and uses this as his driving forces to achieve his dreams, He really is a servant leader and is one of the best Internet Marketing teachers out there..


  5. Brenda,
    Great tips on presenting your posts as a story. People are able to understand it better and can relate better to stories, especially when you gear it towards them. Thanks for such great tips.


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